Our company is focused on the shipbuilding facilities of Russia

Key Focus Areas

Construction and investment projects financing:

  1. Wide range of vessels
  2. Transportation facilities
  3. Oil & Gas equipment
  4. Construction machinery
  5. Numerous high-tech tools and products

The most significant benefits for our clients arise from investment projects implementation via use of finance lease and leaseback.

The main objective of Sea Basis is to provide detailed review of project documentation and further transaction development through efficient financial technologies introduction and long experience of the staff for a project successful outcome predicting.


Sea Basis Leasing Company (JSC) cooperates closely with MRTS HOLDING (LLC) – one of the largest Russian companies performing turnkey construction of subsea technical facilities of main oil and gas pipelines.

This offers an unequalled service in sea and river ships leasing that you can truly rely on to make your goals a reality.

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Sea Basis Leasing Company (JSC)
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