Rail & Vehicles Lease. Utilities Special Equipment

Rail & Vehicles Lease. Utilities Special Equipment

Leasing of rail transport & vehicles is one of the most effective financial instruments enabling transfer of means of transport that are related or taken for temporary use by individuals & enterprises under conditions specified in leasing agreements. This allows to obtain transport purchase financing for modernization purposes requiring no additional resources. You can lease both new & used vehicles assembled domestically or abroad.

Rail transportation is really in demand, as it is less expensive. Rail transportation lease helps to upgrade & extend rolling stock & wagon fleet for focused companies.


Leasing payments are charged as expenses & reduce corporate income tax. You can also return up to 18% VAT of a leased car value if compared to bank loans with no VAT. For luxury class vehicles, accelerated depreciation is applied, which also allows income tax optimization.


Being the best managed & most efficiently operated lease company allows us to significantly reduce transaction process & to provide you with the new car as soon as possible.


Due to discounts from rail vehicles manufacturers, you can get transport mean with minimum lease overpayment. These terms apply to certain brands with 1-year leasing period.

Client-oriented approach

Our experts will help you choose a car & find the best financing solution that suits your company needs best. Individual leasing schedules - equal or decreasing payments, step payments, various digression types or payment schedules depending on season. Deferral with the following transfer. MOD insurance distribution through leasing payments for period of lease.

Main Advantages of Leasing Are

Sea & River- Type Vessels Lease
  • 1. Flexible transaction structure.
  • 2. Long term financing.
  • 3. Easy payment schedule.
  • 4. Taking into account the personal features.

Lease Terms

Term Value
Leased Asset Cost From 2 mn RUB
Advance Payment Rent 20 % from an Asset Cost
Leasing Period Up to 3.5 Years
Payment Frequency Monthly
Insurance * Obligatory

* Leased asset insurance cost can be included to lease payments upon the Client request.

Steps for Leasing

  • 1. Chose an asset to be subjected to the leasing contract and the supplier.
  • 2. Apply for the request & form.
  • 3. Make a leasing offer.
  • 4. Provide necessary documents for the review.
  • 5. Decision announcement related to your leasing eligibility.
  • 6. Signing the leasing contract, supply contract, and other necessary documents.
  • 7. Equipment purchase and hand-over for lease to the Client.
  • 8. Lease asset insurance.
  • 9. Perform lease payments according to the schedule during the lease period.
  • 10. Transfer of lease asset ownership to the Client in the end of the leasing period.

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