Construction Machinery & Equipment for Construction Materials Production Lease

Construction Machinery & Equipment for Construction Materials Production Lease

Highly competitive construction services environment on the market is rather evident now. Today we are witnessing construction scope development as well as quality requirements & profitability increase for more complex facilities & service operation. This demands sufficient responsiveness & flexibility, provided by the company, benefiting from available production capacities & appropriate investment policy for renovation of fixed assets.

Leasing combines loan & rent. It assists to save working capital as no lump- sum required for the equipment purchase. Unlike tough lending conditions, leasing agreement gives greater flexibility when working with the Client. Lease operations do not affect financial performance & liquidity ratio of the enterprise & are not reflected in the statement of financial position.

Operating leases let you use construction equipment with options to return it at the end of the lease term, extend the lease or purchase the equipment.

This is the best way to upgrade & increase your production fleet to keep leadership position in construction production & machinery industry.

Our experts are ready to offer optimal leasing programs, taking into account specific industry circumstances.

Leasing helps:

  • To reduce production cost.
  • To increase production volumes.
  • Improve services quality significantly securing leading position in the industry.

Main Advantages of Leasing Are

Sea & River- Type Vessels Lease
  • 1. Flexible transaction structure.
  • 2. Long term financing.
  • 3. Easy payment schedule.
  • 4. Taking into account the personal features.

Lease Terms

Term Value
Leased Asset Cost From 2 mn RUB
Advance Payment Rent 20 % from an Asset Cost
Leasing Period Up to 3.5 Years
Payment Frequency Monthly
Insurance * Obligatory

* Leased asset insurance cost can be included to lease payments upon the Client request.

Steps for Leasing

  • 1. Chose an asset to be subjected to the leasing contract and the supplier.
  • 2. Apply for the request & form.
  • 3. Make a leasing offer.
  • 4. Provide necessary documents for the review.
  • 5. Decision announcement related to your leasing eligibility.
  • 6. Signing the leasing contract, supply contract, and other necessary documents.
  • 7. Equipment purchase and hand-over for lease to the Client.
  • 8. Lease asset insurance.
  • 9. Perform lease payments according to the schedule during the lease period.
  • 10. Transfer of lease asset ownership to the Client in the end of the leasing period.

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