Mining Industry Equipment Lease

Mining Industry Equipment Lease

We provide our clients with tailored solutions based on individual concepts & unique technological options: from mining & quarrying production of any material whether lignite or precious metal, up to ferrous & non-ferrous metals ore processing.

You can lease both individual equipment items & special complex systems used for mining operations, mining complex, ferrous & non- ferrous materials production, refining equipment, enrichment & processing activities.

Our experts are ready to offer optimal leasing programs, taking into account specific industry circumstances.

Main Advantages of Leasing Are

Mining Industry Equipment Lease
  • 1. Ability to close transaction all over the Russian territory.
  • 2. Payments schedule in accordance with your requirements.
  • 3. Raising long- term financing facilities.
  • 4. Lease payments are fully charged to production cost.
  • 5. Ability to use accelerated depreciation with coefficient up to 3, which reduces total property.
  • 6. Lessor is fully responsible for accountancy & tax issues, related to acquisition of the lease, including late VAT refund.
  • 7. Balance structure improvement (off-balance sheet debt), not subjected to the right of a third party (at the end of the leasing period, the lessee holds the right to buy the property & terminate the leasing contract, thus providing flexibility to business).
  • 8. Fund raising with international export- import banks.

Lease Terms

Term Value
Leased Asset Cost From 10 mn RUB
Advance Payment Rent 20 % from an Asset Cost
Leasing Period Up to 7 Years

Steps for Leasing

  • 1. Chose an asset to be subjected to the leasing contract and the supplier.
  • 2. Apply for the request & form.
  • 3. Make a leasing offer.
  • 4. Provide necessary documents for the review.
  • 5. Decision announcement related to your leasing eligibility.
  • 6. Signing the leasing contract, supply contract, and other necessary documents.
  • 7. Equipment purchase and hand-over for lease to the Client.
  • 8. Lease asset insurance.
  • 9. Perform lease payments according to the schedule during the lease period.
  • 10. Transfer of lease asset ownership to the Client in the end of the leasing period.

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