Lease Terms

Lease Terms

Please note basic terms that our company uses for leasing services performance. For your convenience, all terms are listed in a table. Below, please find lease procedure instructions and links to main legislative instruments regulating similar transactions.

Term Value
Leased Asset Cost From 10 mn RUB
Advance Payment Rent 20 % from an Asset Cost
Leasing Period 2-7 Years
Payment Frequency Monthly
Leasing Asset Holder Based on Client Preference (Lessee)
Insurance * Obligatory

* Leased asset insurance cost can be included to lease payments upon the Client request.

Steps for Leasing

  • 1. Chose an asset to be subjected to the leasing contract and the supplier.
  • 2. Apply for the request & form.
  • 3. Make a leasing offer.
  • 4. Provide necessary documents for the review.
  • 5. Decision announcement related to your leasing eligibility.
  • 6. Signing the leasing contract, supply contract, and other necessary documents.
  • 7. Equipment purchase and hand-over for lease to the Client.
  • 8. Lease asset insurance.
  • 9. Perform lease payments according to the schedule during the lease period.
  • 10. Transfer of lease asset ownership to the Client in the end of the leasing period.

The main legal acts governing leasing transactions are: the RF Civil Code (part two) of 01.26.1996 N 14-FL (as amended on 07.29.2018) (with amendments and addendum, operational from 01.09.2018) and Federal Law dated 10.29.1998 No. 164-FL (as amended on 10.16.2017) “On Financial Rent (Leasing)”.

Client-oriented approach and flexibility are key to success in any leasing transaction parameters:

  • Equipment type;
  • Leasing period and the contract scope;
  • Lease payment schedule;
  • Special terms and conditions.
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